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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   Nothing Is Ever Easy
So Dad installed the new RAM cards and the external hard drive while I was over at grandma's house this evening.

I have a suspicion that something was missed or installed incorrectly. The computer has restarted randomly several times, I get errors once in awhile and have to close things, and the whole computer has also frozen a few times o_O

I'll see if I can get a hold of my friend who lives on our street when he's got some free time, he's good with computers and maybe he can figure out what's going on. The other option is to call my brother-in-law, which I thought Dad was going to do anyway while he was installing everything.

And just for fun I decided to add on to my intro. I went back and cobbled together a list of nicknames people have given me around here, on Anime Pulse, and on Progulus Radio.

See if you can figure out why one friend called me Ukitake. And yes, it is a refernece to the 13th Division Captain from Bleach.

Well, there's a non sequitor for ya. :D
Yes, it was a leap from uncle's grilfriend visitng to heavy metal videos, but I wanted to pad out the post, and I need very little excuse to push more music upon everyone in the hopes I get people listening to something =P

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