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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Metal Doubleheader
Uncle's girlfriend showed up today to visit for a while and check in on grandma. I wish she could've stayed longer, but she had to get back home in time to pick my uncle up from work (they live on the other side of the state, about 3 hours away).

For the rest of today's post, enjoy a couple of videos from two excellent metal bands, To-Mera and Evergrey.




CosmicSailor: Yeah, it's great to see a shift back to written content for the site. If I could draw, I would, but I can't so my words are about all I have to work with.

Ryosuke Forever: I'll look forward to reading your story =)
Hopefully the store will have Kurau and NHK there next time we go. I'll be going back next weekend for new Mushi-shi and Hell Girl anyway.

Raina: I have the same issue with bookstores too =P We went to the bookstore after Best Buy that night, because Mom was looking for something. It was painful not being able to buy any books, having just spent my money on the DVD set, so I just didn't even look at anything D:

Schultzie: I've been hoping to give my computer a serious upgrade for some time, and I'm glad we can finally do it. I'll have to pay Dad back in installments, but it's worth it =P

Mimmi: Aww, that's sweet of you =D Heh, I don't get worried about it.
I suppose I should inform Adam of my plans for the Watercooler, maybe he can give it an "official" announcement.
Yes, there is a moon, and it's made of cheese :3

Red: Wait what movie? I don't remember mentioning a movie o_O
Hm, yeah that's a point (about the Rambles). That's why it's just an idea for now =P


Master Hiko: Yes, the Watercooler is going to use the "multiple user blog" format for World accounts that Adam announced some time ago.
I plan to set it up and be the primary caretaker/admin of it, but it will be a place where anyone who want's to join in can post there. The idea was developed as a means for those of us who tend to spam the Podcast comments to have a legitmate way for us to have our spamming without breaking the rules.

2short: Yeah, by the time I'd though about submitting written works, articles and the like were gone o_O I'm very excited that not only are they back after a fashion, but that the types of written works we'll be able to submit has broadened.
Yeah, disease and computer problems have been the big thing the last few months.
Let's hope this time Adam will hold to the date he has set for VV's launch.

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