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Friday, February 22, 2008

All Hail Version Vibrant!
3) New site: FAN WORDS, which will include FAN FICTION, FEATURES, ESSAYS, and GUIDES this new site will also include built-in Photo/Picture Hosting and full use of BB code for formatting. I want all of you to help us with this new site as its a huge risk for us. If you know someone who writes amazing fan fiction or essays, especially, point them our way

(4) Ability to submit works to new meta categories: ANIME/MANGA, VIDEO GAMES, TV, MOVIES, BOOKS/COMICS, PERSONAL


Finally, those of us who can't draw or even do computer art to save our lives can contribute to TheOtaku in the one way we can: WRITING!

I am quite excited by the news of these new features. Especially the meta catagories. You'll likely see me posting stuff about Doctor Who =P (and probably some anime reviews as well).

I went out with my parents this evening for a bit of shopping. We hit Best Buy first, and I was hoping to get the new NHK and Kurau DVDs, but they were out of stock. Of course I can never leave without getting something, so I grabbed the Fullmetal Alchemist: Season 2, Part 1 box set.

Dad was also there asking about an additional hard drive for my computer. After talking with a couple of the tech guys, we settled on 2GBs of extra memory, and a 500GB external hard drive.
We went this rout because the guys there told us that trying to install an extra internal hard drive is much more complicated than people think it is.
We'll install everything tomorrow and have my computer geek brother-in-law on the phone at the same time to make sure we don't screw it up.

In General Response to Everyone Concerning The Watercooler:
I'm glad most of you think the 'Ramble Of The Week' idea sounds fun. I would definitely put some small restrictions on it do it doesn't fly out of control, although I would hope those picked to write a ramble would also exercise some restraint.
I'll keep the idea in mind for now. We'll spend the first week or two making sure the Watercooler is all set up and running adequately before we think about additions to it. It was developed on the original idea of having a place for fans of the Podcast to congregate and have our silly, run-on converations without spamming the front page comments. I don't want it to become too complicated by other things, but having some chats about subjects outside the Podcast would also be cool.
I just want the idea to work. I'd like to feel that I'm actually DOING SOMETHING! I've never organized something like this before, and I welcome the challenge.

I just finished watching a program on National Geographic Channel about conpiracy theorists who claim that the Moon landings were all faked. Just listening to these sods flap their mouths, talking drivel like that makes me want to strangle them D:
They must have a very unimaginative, unexciting view of life. KILLJOYS!

Master Hiko: As stated above, the Watercooler idea was developed BECAUSE of the podcast spamming. It will be the place where we can take our spamming fun and still have it without technically breaking the ruls of the TheOtaku.
And the podcasters themselves like the idea.

Twisted Cyber Chick: If it's decided that the 'Ramble Of The Week' idea can work, I'll come up with a system for picking who to write one each time.

Schultzie: That's not a bad idea. I'll run it by Ichigo and see what he says.

Iruka Sensei: Um, I think you're a bit confused o_O
I've been talking about the WATERCOOLER, the blog site I want to set up on Version Vibrant for podcast spammers and anyone else who wants to join in the fun, not WATERCOLORS as in the painting.
I hope I'm not the one confused, but that's what it sounded like you were saying in your comment.

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