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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So the kitty was at the vet today...
The chest X-ray was good, there's no infection in his lungs. His heart is also in good shape, and there was no sign of sinus infection either.

So why has he been hacking and sneezing?

Well, he's got problems with his kidneys. The membrane has become permeable, and it's allowing a lot of protein from his food to leak out, which is why he's hungry a lot of the time. The vet figures this is also leaving him more sensitive to things like allergens.

We can increase the protein in his diet: more wet food, and try to find a dry food with higher protein content. But this kidney condition is part of aging, so it's irriversible. In anywhere from 2-4 years he'll start wasting away from it. So we pretty much know it's only a matter of time now until we'll have to put him to sleep -_-

Of course in that time we'll give him all the loving we can =)

Raina: Yeah, the gingivitis is in his gums, but it was caused by buildup on his teeth that has never been properly cleaned.

As for Tokyo Majin... I may just hold in my spending urges until it comes out in a box set =P I've actually been looking forward to later this year when I would be finished with the series I'm currently collecting. Ive been buying anime like mad for almost 2 years now and I'm close to experiencing burn out.

I just wish it didn't take 2 years for box sets to come out D:
Add the time it takes for all individual volumes of a standard 6-7 volume series to get released, and typically a year after the last one is out until a box set arrives. That's just way too long...

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