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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Kitty Is Sick
For the last few months, the cat has been congested, hacking, and sneezing. We finally got him in to see the vet yesterday (Monday), and they wanted him back early this morning so they could have time during the day to run some tests, get chest X-rays, etc. I don't envy him for the bad day he's going to have, but I hope they find out what's wrong and are able to help him.

Plus he's got gingivitis on his teeth o_O We'll probably have to get some dental work on him when he's better. But the vet isn't very concrened about it. To do dental work, the cat would have to be anesthetized, which is risky at his age - he's nearly 18.

It's nice to hear everyone enthusiastic about Claymore. I still have my downloads (ahem), I should go back and watch them because I never did finish the show. I can't say much of the plot because of that, but I can gurantee the animation is stellar stuff, absolutely beautiful.

By the way, did any of you ever watch Tokyo Majin in fansubs? I'm kind of interested in it now that it's being released on DVD, but I never got the chance to watch it before. Reviews on the first volume don't agree on some things. The review on ANN said the animation was "lackluster" while AnimeOnDVD said it had "great visuals". I managed to find an AMV for it, using the full version of 1st OP, and I'm rather leaning toward AnimeOnDVD's assesment.

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