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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Claymore's Been Liscenced!!!

I was seriously wondering when this was going to happen, but it finally has: FUNimation has liscenced the Claymore anime!

A friend over at the Anime Pulse forums showed me a link for a countdown to FUNi's "first major acquisition of 2008'. Part of me was desperately hoping it would be news about certain Geneon titles being given to other companies, but this news is just as exciting.

Of course, now I'll be antsy for details about a release date and casting. With so many women in Claymore, they'll probably have to bring in just about every female VA from across the board for the project. Can't wait to see what names crop up.

In other news, animation studio GONZO and Progressive Metal band Dream Theater recently teamed up to produce an animated music video for the band's song "Forsaken" off their new album Systematic Chaos. The video concept was based on the short story "Phantoms" by Ivan Turgenev. To read the full article CLICK HERE.


Allamorph: That kid your dad knew wasn't named Patrick Stewart, was he? XD

Red: Yeah, I still get facial breakouts from time to time. It's so annoying o_O

Non Fiction: I am 100% irgnorant when it comes to computer/internet technicalities. I wish my brother-in-law lived closer to us, he's the tech geek.
Yeah, thin/fine hair genetics run on both side of my family, so I was cursed from birth. But I'll do my best to fight the curse =P

Tomieharley: I don't like bald though o_O One time, a lady at the barber shop almost shaved me down to nothing, and I was so mortified I refused to go out for a week until it started growing back in. I'm not a fan of the 'cueball' look at all ^^'
Um... nope, no hurricane o_O We only get those from beginning of June to the end of November. If we had a hurricane right now, then global warming really IS true and the whole planet would be f*cked.

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