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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'd heard about this new anime some time ago on TheO, and now the first episode has finally been subbed...

Oh wow, was this ever right up my alley. Plenty of mystery and action, and an enigmatic and interesting lead character.

Rin Asogi and her partner Mimi run a detective agency. One day Rin rescues Koki Maeno, a man with a scrambled memory. Rin decides to help Maeno find out more about his past, while at the same time dodging an assassin out for her blood.

The only downside to this series is that it is an OVA planned for 6 episodes. When something is that short, I worry that there won't be enough room to reveal and explain everything satisfactorily, even with 45 minute episodes. That said, being an OVA also gives Mnemosyne the advantage of higher-quality animation than standard TV anime.

This first episode focuses mainly on the mystery behind Maeno's origins, but we are also left with many more mysteries surrounding Rin, including why she has an assassin on her tail.

WARNING: This series is recommended for mature audiences. There is violence, blood, nudity, and some rather intense torture scenes that are bloody AND quite sexual in nature. Sayara Yamanobe, the villain of this first episode, plays with Rin and gives her piercings in every imaginable place, and then some. Squeamish and/or young viewers be warned!

Another aspect of Mnemosyne I enjoyed immensely was the OP/ED themes - "Alsatia" and "Cause Disarry" by Galneryus. They are great rock/heavy metal songs and really fit the tone of the series. They don't feel like the J-pop single of the moment just tacked on as an afterthought. And I really dig the idea of a Japanese power/neoclassical metal band that sings in English most of the time. I'll be trying my best to find more of their music.

So, if you're looking for a new anime to check out, you can't go wrong with Mnemosyne. Be prepared for a long wait between episodes though. Episode 2 won't be out until early March.

2short: It was down in the 50s/40s last night, which is pretty cold, especially for me. Because of my health and being terminally skinny, I get cold quickly and easily.
The problem is the heater unit for our home is on the fritz, and it won't kick on when it's that cold outside, which makes my room cold. Therefore, I plug in a space heater to keep it warm enough so I won't be shivering all night =)

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