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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Grr Argh!
I've rediscovered my Angel fandom lately: reading fanfics, watching the DVDs again, finally buying Season 5, and... Angel: After The Fall


This comic series is billed as 'Season 6', the official, cannonical continuation of the TV show. And as a fan who was EXTREMELY pissed off that they cancelled Angel on a cliffhanger, I'm overjoyed that this is finally seeing the light of day.

Usually I don't have any interest in comics; all I own are a few collections of comic strips from Doctor Who Magazine and the V For Vendetta graphic novel. So today was a first for me, actually going into a comic book shop with the intent of buying comic books.

Oh, and if you got the reference of the post title, you get a cookie ^^

I'm also feeling the desire to dive back into Babylon 5...

Ichigo: I'll be hovering over the computer all day when VV is expected to go live just to make sure I get The Watercooler registered quick.

SomeGuy: Nice to know none of us will have random twins on here =P

2Short: Yep, I ran with the Watercooler idea and got everyone onboard for it, so I guess I'll be it's primary caretaker, although everyone will have their voice too.
And we always order pizza from Pappa John's.

Nikorasu: My biggest problem is when I'm at stop lights. When I'm just sitting there, I have less to focus on than if I were in motion, so that's when my mind really tries to play games with me.

Raina: A kitty reminded you of me? Heh, if reincarnation exists, I would absolutely want to come back as a cat.

Ink.Black.Sky: Sorry you have a slow connection, but definitely listen to the podcast and join in on the fun.

And thanks to everyone who put in a kind word for my Grandma. It'll take time, but she'll heal. It's times like these that it's a good thing I don't have a job or outside life, it lets me be here when she needs me.

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