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Friday, February 1, 2008

Update on Grandma
Because Grandma's regular doctor is sick, she was given an appointment today with someone else, and we had to take quite a long drive in order to get there.
Of course, I've been spazzing over it for the last day or so, but in the end I managed to stay relatively calm. I think once I get over the initial nervousness about going out and having to drive, I can get things done. I still have to have someone with me though, but that was no problem in this case.

We waited in the office for an hour before they finally called us back, and the talk with the physician only took five minutes.
Grandma has a tiny break in her wrist bone, but she was dead set against a cast so they said as long as she's careful she can keep it in a splint. All we got was a perscription for an 'arm shelf' to attach to her walker so she doesn't have to lean down too far on the left side to rest her arm.

I was glad to hear Ichigo and Batou approving of the idea for the Watercooler. I hope Version Vibrant is up an running soon. When it is, I'll put all my effort into getting the Watercooler up and running.

I just ordered pizza, so it's time to kick back for the evening. And M*A*S*H is on too =)

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