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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sometimes, I hate this state...
We have a terrible government, but a lot of people believe in what they say because they are good at spin (the ability to trump up claims and misdirect people from the truth).

Tuesday was the primary here in Florida, and besides presidential candidates on the ballot, there was also something called Amendment 1. This amendment is supposed to save homeowners money, something about the homestead exemption tax.

The problem is, it mostly benefits those people that are wealthy and have recently moved to the state, while the savings per year for the average family is barely worth mentioning. Plus, despite assurances, the money is likely to come out of city government budgets, which will deprive education and emergency services of money they badly need. Sixteen independent studies into the logistics of this amendment have verified this, but the governor and his cronies have managed to convince enough people that it's a good thing, because the amendment passed in the vote.

The problem with Florida IS the fact that we have a lot of retirees and rich people who move down here, and they only care about keeping their money and paying as little in taxes as possible. Our education system is poor because of this. It desperately needs more money, not too mention better leadership.

If I could, I would secceed and form my own state, with an intelligence/common sense requirement that has to be passed for anyone applying for citizenship.

Back in my small world, I had thought my grandma had an appointment today for the doctor to check up on the rather high blood pressure she's had since her fall. But it turns out the appointment was moved to next week, so instead grandma asked me to make her some Jello and chocolate pudding.
Tomorrow she wants me to cut her hair. I just hope I don't make a disaster out of it...

I'm playing around with my Intro some more, seeing what works best. Hoping to have links to fanfiction up there of course *kicks self into writing mode*

My pre-ordered copy of the new Ayreon album, 01011001, arrived in the mail today, which made me extremely happy =)
An Ayreon release is always something special. It's a music project by Arjen Lucassen, a Dutch musician/singer/composer/producer. He writes rock operas and then invites many different musicians and vocalists to participate. These albums are about as epic as you can get. Talk about eargasms...

Here's a sample from the opening track for your listening pleasure.


2Short: I'm sure you could curl up with a puppy, but with a kitty it's just better ^^

Ichigo: Yeah, I don't like to think how long this has been going on, over 2 years I'm certain. Last year was just when everything eventually came to a head. Let's hope I'm coasting out of it now.

Ink.Black.Sky: Another M*A*S*H fan! Thanks ^^

Le Kun: Now that's a perscription I could easily follow =)

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