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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Continuing To Recover
*Falls over*

From the time we left this morning to the time we arrived back home, we spent pretty much exactly 12 hours either on the road or up at the hospital.

I just want to curl up and join my cat in being lazy for awhile...

The latest CT scan shows that the recovery is continuing nicely, the lungs are just about cleared up now, if not completely already.
Unfortunately, there is a price that has been exacted out of this whole nightmare: the scan also indicated some permanent scarring in the lung and bronchial passage, which can make me suceptible to infection again in the future. This is why I'm most pissed about the fact that it took us so long to get this looked at and diagnosed in a serious way.

Anyway, we're backing off the antibiotics now to a M/W/F schedule instead of ever day. Plus they went ahead and gave me the pneumonia shot.

Ryosuke Forever: Hm, that makes sense, actually. All the full tunes on iMeem players I've seen around here are J-pop/J-rock stuff.

Schultzie: Thanks, can't do a proper playlist without some Rush =)

CosmicSailor: Dad boiled some eggs for her, but she didn't want them. She's started eating a little now, but for a few days all she could manage was bouillon.

Mimmi: I only get carsick trying to read whenenver we're up in the mountains =P Too much up and down, not enough flat road o_O

Raina: I took a book and my iPod =) But I left my earphones behind. We were able to buy a cheap pair once we reached our destination though. For 97 cents, they were pretty crap of course, but they served their purpose.

Ichigo: I might go back and make it so the music doesn't start automatically, especially since I'm fond of posting videos. Or even remove it altogether later, it's in the experimental phase for now.

Master Hiko: We have to travel so far because the doctors who specialize in treating patients with congential heart conditions are all up there. The ones here only deal with heart conditions people develop later in life. I was born with mine.
Plus, that's also where we got in to see the doctor who diagnosed my infection. I had a scan done down here, but their pictures were too fuzzy to really tell anything.
I think all the crap doctors and equipment are here...

Darkeangel: Nightwish FTW!

Ink.Black.Sky: Thanks! =)

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