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Monday, January 28, 2008

Tomorrow is a loooooooooooooooong day
It's time to travel to the hospital for another check-up to see how my lungs are recovering from the infection. I hate thes trips; it's not being at the hospital so much as the actual drive there and back home, which is 3 hours both ways, for a total of 6 hours on the road. And since it takes a few hours to get everything done while we're up there, that adds up to a terribly long and rather stressful day ><'

Grandma is still in a lot of pain after that fall and she's also been rather nauseos and hasn't been able to eat much of anything. And since we're all going to be far away from here for almost an entire day, I'm going to worry about her on her own, which won't do anything to ease my stress of course.

I'll come back with an update tomorrow after I've escaped from the torture.

And at last, I have music on my MyO! I decided to sign up at Project Playlist and was able to find a few favorite tunes. I would prefer to upload my own, but iMeem was cutting everything I posted down to short clips.

I want to know how some people here are able to stay on iMeem and post full songs? Why can you do that when I could only do clips after awhile?

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