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Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's not the fall that hurts...
Apparently the fall hurt Grandma worse than we thought at the time. Her arm got all bruised up, so I had to take her to the doctor today. They couldn't find any evidence of broken bones in the X-rays though, so that's a relief. She'll just be very sore for a few days.

I'm glad to see everyone's enthusiasm for the Otaku Watercooler idea =) Now that I know so many people are onboard for it, I'll start fleshing out the idea. It won't become a physical reality until the switch to Version Vibrant though. Oh, and I'll look over any suggestions anyone might have for it.

I finally broke down and ordered from Amazon tonight. Usually I'm very vocal in my dislike for the site, but this time it was a case of 'needs must when the devil drives.'
I ordered the Pink Cream 69: Platinum set, which includes albums Sonic Dynamite, Endangered, and Mixery (an EP of live tracks and covers). For three CDs, I think $33 was a good deal. Especially with free shipping.

With Media Blasters releasing a new DVD of Angel Sanctuary, I'm going to take the opportunity to post one of my favorite AMV's for the OVA.
While it's better to read the manga to get the complete story, the OVA is a good introduction to it.

WARNING: There is a massive spoiler at the end of the video. If you want to avoid it, stop at 3:30. If you want to be just a bit more adventurous, stop at 3:45. If you just don't care about spoilers, watch the whole thing =P

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