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Friday, January 25, 2008

A Little Bit of Drama
Grandma fell again today. She said the cat tripped her up (silly cat). She wasn't seriously hurt though and Dad and I managed to get her off the floor and into a chair.

I believe I will put a serious effort into tackling the start of one of my stories tomorrow, or at least build up a clear and detaild outline. I had one before, but I'm not sure if it got deleted ><

I'm hoping to at least get the epliogue done, I've had it floating around my head for ages. When it's finished, I'll post it here =)

Downloaded and watched the second episode of Torchwood. Wow... this season will leave Season 1 in the dust! Not only do we have some tantilizing hints about Jack's past that will be explored, we now have the threat of a hidden alien sleeper cell, waiting to awaken and conquer the world o_O This is the kind of material Seaon 1 was sorely lacking.

After the 160+ posts of spamming in the comment box for Episode 19 of the Podcast, I've come up with an idea. If we still want to have fun with our run-on conversations, we should take advantage of the new feature of Version Vibrant that allows groups to maintain one blog. All those of us who are the usual suspects when it comes to spamming can maintain this blog, where we can chat as much as we like. This way, we keep the main page comments strickly Podcast-related.

Anyone else fancy this idea?

And to wrap up this post, another video. I've recently become re-addcited to Pink Cream 69; silly name, but awsome melodic metal band. These guys exemplify everything musically good that came out of the 80s and 90s. Plus David Readman has to be one of my favorite vocalists.

So, from their 1998 album Electrified, here is "Shame"...

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