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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Leaky Pipes
So we finally got a plumber in today to figure out where the leak was. Turns out it was right under our bathroom sink, so the guy had to dig down through the floor to reach the problem.

Now of course, this means digging through concrete, so the guy used a jackhammer o_O HOLY CRAP that thing is loud! Gave me a massive headache for awhile.

The up side is, with the problem fixed, we won't have to go out to the meter and turn the water on and off whenever we need it and don't need it. The meter is in a hole in the ground and you have to turn the switch with a pair of pliers. Not the easiest thing in the world.

Today I learned a rather shocking piece of news: Heath Ledger, who will appear as the new Joker in The Dark Knight, was found dead in his appartment o_O No details have been given yet except that drugs may have been involved.

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