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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
That is the title of the premier episode of Torchwood: Season 2. And boy does it start things off with a bang. Or rather a fish. Well, a blowfish-headed-alien-guy driving a stolen sports car.

After the heavy-handed and rather clumsy angst of last season, I can't think of a better way to start a new season with something so quirky. And in a way, it's quite British. How many modern American scifi shows would have an alien guy with a blowfish head, wearing a suit (salmon colored, ba-dum-ch), driving a stolen sports car? Nothing since Buffy and Angel, thats for sure.

Here's the pre-credit opening for the episode:

I won't go into a long-winded review of the episode, but for those of you who are still complaining about missing your shows because of the screenwriters' strike, this is a good way to fill the gap. You probably won't get some references back to Season 1 and the semi-crossover that happened at the end of Doctor Who's 3rd Season, but just start watching and roll with it.

Here's the 'Coming Soon' trailer for the rest of the season:

And if you don't like the idea of downloading and you get BBC America on TV, the season will premier here in the US next Saturday, January 26.

As for me, it's been an average week which is why I haven't bothered posting. Stay at home, check websites, read fanfiction, listen to music, chat with friends, spend some time over at grandma's house... the usual.

My parents are at a church thing (class, meeting, not sure which) out of town until tomorrow night. Oh, and dad prodded me about that young adult church camp retreat again. I wish he'd just leave it, and me, alone ><'

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