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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not a bad day, really
It felt nice to get out for awhile. I could actually walk around and be human.

A few times my mind had the urge to send me into a panic, but I beat it back down as hard as I could. I had my iPod with me (music usually takes my mind elswhere), but for the most part I busied myself by reading my book, "The God Delusion". I only got through the preface so far, but I can tell I'm going to enjoy it. This book isn't just some anti-religion rant, but a thoughtful and humorous discourse. It's also a good place to start my campaign to read more nonfiction, not just for entertainment but for my own self education. Quite often I feel I don't know at much at my age as I really should.

When I reached the end of the preface where the author Richard Dawkins thanks certain people, I was rather surprised to learn his wife is Lalla Ward. This means nothing to most of you, so I will explain: she is an actress who once starred in the classic Doctor Who series. She was also briefly married to her co-star, the Doctor himself (at the time) Tom Baker. Adding even more of a '6 Degrees of British SciFi' twist, I found out from research on Wikipedia that Dawkins and Ward met through a mutual friend, none other than Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy fame.

So after the lab and a quick trip to the bank, we dropped by social security. Waited around for about 20 minutes before being called back. It ended up being a wasted visit, because in less than 5 minutes we were told that the only way I could qualify for more money was if my dad was retired and receiving social security as well (which won't happen for another 2-3 years). They coudld've just said that in the letter, but since when has beaurocracy ever been convenient?

Got some Quiznos for lunch (two chicken sammies and a brocolli-cheese bread bowl soup) and kicked back with MythBusters DVDs.

CDs I ordered last week came in: Slavior and Treacle People. Now I'm just waiting for the next orders =P *MUSIC ADDICT, MUSIC ADDICT!*

Had a nice chat online with my ex-girlfriend. We're still talking about hanging out sometime since we haven't seen each other in over 2 years. She also keeps mentioning that I should move back to Orlando once I'm finally looking for a job. I know she gets depressed sometimes and would just like to have at least one friend close by whom she can totally trust, and I wouldn't mind, although I'm not sure what it would do to my sanity in the end. Plus I was planning to move into grandma's house eventually since she plans on leaving it to me anyway, that way I wouldn't have to find a new place or pay rent on an apartment.

Guess we'll burn those bridges when we get there.

Dad is again asking me to consider going to a young adult weekend retreat at the end of March. He says it would be a good opportunity to connect with other people in my age range, but the fact is it's still a church camp, which means I wouldn't be too comfortable there. I wish the family would accept that church isn't my way and I've made up my mind.

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