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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Plumbing Problems & Otaku Attractions
Once again, one of the video suggestions I sent in to Kei was picked as this weekend's Otaku Attraction =)

SomeGuy joked that I was becoming the chief provider of AMVs for the OA, but he's not half wrong. Since I started sending in suggestions this year, at least 5 of them have made the cut, that I can recall. I've always tried to be discerning in my hunt for AMVs, and only send in ones I manage to find on You Tube that I've previously downloaded from AnimeMusicVideos.org.

I've got a few more saved up that I hope to send in over time.

Meanwhile, all day yesterday I had been hearing a sound that was unmistakably water running through the pipes, even when we weren't running sinks or any appliances. Dad figures we've had another pipe under the house break - this has happened before - so he left the water off most of the day, which kept me from having my shower until about 5 PM. Not that I was really going to do anything anyway, but I still like to feel clean, ya know?

Tomorrow I'll be out and about for quite awhile. Dad only has to be at school for part of the day - observance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, so no students and teachers only in for in-service - and he'll be back early in the afternoon so we can get some things done:
1) Bloodwork at the lab.
2) Get some more balance books from the bank for our check books.
3) Drop in at Social Security to see if there are any other programs I can apply to for money since I'm still not working.

Other than that... I've been a bit depressed lately, but that also might have something to do with staying up too late and being tired most of the day. But I am rather cut-off from the outside these days, and with no real human contact outside my family.

Let's hope that changes this year. I have to do what I can to face my anxieties. I was talking to a friend last night, and she's convinced that I have developed agoraphobia - fear of the outdoors.

Lucky me ><'

Oh, and tomieharley, just because your nemesis lives in Norway doesn't mean you should automatically dislike anything else that comes from there =P

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