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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Um... Just a post, no special title
So a church pastor is using Haibane Renmei in his lessons and Gia is leaving. What a day...

Oh, and to Mimmi: I'm doing very well, thanks ^^ It's warmed up here a lot since last week. There is another cold front on the way though, I just hope it isn't as bad as the last one, because there's been no effort made here to get the heater inspected and fixed at all ><

Since I was far gone already, I ended up ordering more CDs this month XD But I SWEAR, next month I'll get back on my budgeting resolution. And you all have my permission to nag and pester me about it to keep me in line =P

I've been waiting for Laser's Edge to have all three Pagan's Mind CDs in stock, and since they finally do I figured I'd get them now and get that out of the way *strikes another band off the list for now*

Pagan's Mind is a Norwegian band that bases all of it's music off of ideas from Stargate.

Here's a video from their album Celestial Entrance.


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