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Monday, January 7, 2008

I need to be in a support group for obsessive CD buyers...
So much for the first month of trying to stay within a reasonable budget. That resolution is off to a great start o_O

Ah well, I get killer music out of it =P Still though, I really need to do better managing my money this year. At least by mid year all of the anime I'm currently buying will have wrapped up, not counting the three series from Geneon that are on hold: Black Lagoon, Hellsing Ultimate, and Higurashi.

I purchased my very first MP3 downloaded album last night, Odd Logic's first release "Parallax Panorama". I figured since they only sell it in CD-R format anyway, might as well just download it. Although, since hard copies are signed by the band's frontman, I might buy a hard copy when it's available again.

I spent most of the day tuning in to Progulus Radio (where I find all my music) and chatting with friends there. My big batch of CDs arrived in the mail today as well, so I should get around to ripping them to iTunes.

Any day that I listen to this much music is a good day, especially when it's rainy outside ^^

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