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Friday, January 4, 2008

Finally Warming Up / Watch Witchblade Tonight!!!
It wasn't nearly as cold last night, and I cleared my desk so I could plug in the space heater on low and have it at a level where it wouldn't just be heating the floor.

The big problem with the last couple of days was once my room temperature had dropped into the 60s, it wasn't warm enough outside or inside to bring it back up to normal, so the room would stay cold all day and then get colder again at night.

Oh, and to Alphonse122: It was just 60 degrees in my room; it was around 30 degrees outside, closer to 20 with windchill. -9 is definitely worse, but for Florida weather it felt more like I was living in an igloo o_O


If any of you get IFC (International Film Channel) and have been interested in watching the Witchblade anime, it begins airing tonight!

For those of us on the east coast, the times are 11:30 PM with a 1:30 AM repeat. For the rest of you, check your local listings, as they say =P

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