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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Call me the Human Popsicle
As I suspected, something isn't right with the heater. It got down to 60 degrees in my room last night, and it's still very cold in here.

I tried to stay warm as best I could, throwing another blanket on the bed and even keeping my bathrobe on. I also draped another blanket around my head to keep my ears from freezing off. I just hope it was enough and I don't get sick, because that's the last thing I need right now o_O

It's only in the 50s outside today, and I plan to stay as warm as possible, so it looks like I won't go out on my Christmas-money/gift card spending excursion until tomorrow when it's back up to normal.

It shouldn't get as cold tonight, so I'm hoping this time the heater actually works.

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