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Monday, December 31, 2007

Turn Over Another Year
Time for a look back...

Looking back on this year, I'd have to say it's been one of my worst, at least in a physical sense. I haven't had this bad of a year since 1996 when I had my last major open heart surgery, plus losing my granpa whom I was very close too.

This year was all about "What the hell is going on inside my body???" Feeling sick, coughing up blood. It's good that we finally had the problem diagnosed and I'm on treatment now; I just wish someone had taken this seriously a lot sooner before it got to the near-life-threatening level it finally reached. This sickness, plus the ensuing stress and anxiety/panic attack issues have really conspired to grind my life to a screeching halt. I'm already over a year out of college, with nothing much to show for it. Let's hope 2008 sees vast improvements.

There was also the matter of our only local anime shop going out of business. Nothing that I can really do about that, though.

The year wasn't a total bust, however, because I've made so many great friends both here and over at Anime Pulse. At a time when I don't have much outside contact with anyone face-to-face, you guys help keep me going, so cheers to all of you! ^^'

To all who left comments last time:
I really wish I could have been more firm in my resolve and said no to my sister taking my DVDs. I gave in partly because I didn't want there to be a dust-up between us when she left. We hardly ever got along when we were kids living in this house together, and over years and distance we've mellowed out and get along a lot better now.

I'm still due a new computer, and I'll get one with a DVD burner so that next time if she wants to copy something of mine, I can do it for her so she doesn't have to take my originals off to another state.

I have a new resolution for this next year: learn more about politics. There's still the matter of the Democrats (my party) snubbing Florida in their campaigning because our goverment (which is Republican) refused to move the date of the caucuses, but I need to look at all the candidates and decide which one I want to give the nominating vote to out of all the rest.

This will be the third presidential election I've ever voted in, and I'd like the outcome to be better than the last two.

I'd also like to learn more about politicis and policy in general, in order to hold my own in any political discussions with other people, particularly my family. Right now I don't have enough knowledge of the subject to back up my arguments, and I'm tired of never being able to win an argument, or at least make a decent point.

I've got this on my mind because my aunt and uncle are watching one of the news channels over at grandma's house, and we were getting into it over the various candidates.

Anyway, I hope all of you have a nice New Year's Eve. Looks like another one in front of the TV for me =P

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