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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Things are winding down
We had a full house for awhile, but uncle and his girlfriend didn't bring any of their dogs this time, so it was a relatively peaceful holiday.

My parents left early this morning to spend some time visting mom's family in North Carolina. My sister and brother-in-law return to Alabama tomorrow. And I'm pissed because my sister refuses to either download or buy her own copy of Doctor Who Season 3 on DVD, so she's borrowing my set that I just got for Christmas and will mail it back to me in a week after she's copied the discs. Now, I am psycho possesive of all my things, so I don't like her doing this at all but neither of us would budge, so in the end to avoid an argument I had to give in.

My aunt and uncle from Texas will be staying until January 1st, and my folks will arrive back on the 2nd, so at least Grandma and I won't be abandoned for too long.

Another CD arrived in the mail yesterday: John West - "Long Time... No Sing". More straight up rock than I usually listen to, but John West has a wonderful voice. I would recommend this album for those of you who are rock music fans.

I decided to take down all the stuff that was in my intro. I'm still hoping to find a good playlist program to feature some music on here, and I'll put links to any fanfiction I end up writing in the intro to keep them from getting shuffled back into the archives.

Better get to bed soon. Not sure how long the public library will be open tomorrow, and my aunt wants to get there before noon to be safe and I'm the only one around now with a local library card. Think I might take the opportunity to run by Best Buy and grab at least the finale volume of Le Chevalier D'eon. Plus I got a $10 gift card for Barnes & Noble, so I'll probably go spend that on a manga or book.

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