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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back In Business
It's been slow at times, but the internet is now up and running again! So, on to comments from the previous posts:

SomeGuy: Yeah, having the family over will be nice, it's the herd of dogs that's the problem. My uncle always brings 5 or 6 of them (they have nearly a dozen).

darkeangel: I downloaded the Christmas Special, and skimmed through it: it definitely looks better than either of the previous ones. I'll wait to watch the whole thing when my sister wants to as well. Of course, the first thing I had to do was skip to the end and watch the Season 4 teaser XD

CosmicSailor: I'm not sure if our neighbors intend to incite conflict by putting up that flag, but conflict from it's being there is a possibility. Plus I've heard these people have vicious arguments with each other that spill outside, so I wouldn't think they are very pleasant individuals.

Raina: 9 minutes... not bad =) Of course, the absolute longest song I've ever heard is 60 minutes. Yep, that's a single song, and takes up an entire CD.

schultzie: I would say that, if my mom and aunt weren't present =P Or... most of the family for that matter. I still have to watch what I say around here, my family isn't that liberated when it comes to dirty jokes.

2short: Heh, makes me wish I had at least one younger sibling. But in the end waiting wasn't so bad.
I promise to give you immediate advanced warning if Tin Man replays again ^^

master hiko: 26 people??! I do not envy you at all. I would either try to stay out all day with friends or lock myself in my room if the house was that crowded.
Definitely, no matter how long a song is, if it's really good, it's never long enough =P

tomieharley: I wish people would just let go of their prejudices too. The problem is when people raise their kids to believe the same things. I feel sorry for those children, for the way their minds are warped forever.
Excellent, another Tin Man fan! Yeah, it wasn't perfect, but it was good enough. Any errors can be corrected with fanfiction, hehe.

Tsubusa: Yeah, sometimes people are racist, but just as often people see it when it isn't there. And those people can be just as dangerous if they convince others to see it too. As many riots have started over false accusations as true ones.

duorocks17: Yeah, I may complain sometimes but I do love when family visit. It gets kinda dull around here with just the parents and grandma all the time =P

Red: Ha, your parents XD That would've been funny to see. That's kind of why I don't play anime around mine either.
Ah yes, the crossovers. I found a one-shot crossover with Doctor Who in the Tin Man section. Heh, they may not always turn out well in the end, but they are amusing to read.

darkeangel: Oh I'm glad I got Who Season 3 for Christmas. Now all I have to worry about on my own is having the money for Torchwood Season 1 next month.

Alphonse122: That's great that your parents payed for the rest of the trip. I know you've been looking forward to that for a long time.

somegirl: I told you, I don't scare easily =P And I'm not sure hopw other internet systems are set up, but if you have dial up that is separate from the cable.

Tsubusa: I know what you mean. A couple of years ago we were having problems all the time, and it was freaking me out. Thankfully, we only have problems once in awhile now.

Nehszriah: Geek gifts rule! Hehe, of course I would get them in this family. We've all been watching Doctor Who for a long time, so it's somethine the family knows about far more than my anime fandom.

Miss Anonymous: It may be sad, but I think everyone here would say that can't live without internet =P

Since a few of you were openly clueless as to what Doctor Who is (and I'm sure those who didn't mention it are still in the dark), I'll give you a brief run-down of the show:

- British scifi/fantasy.
- Premiered November 23, 1963 (day after the assassination of John Kennedy).
- Originally ran for 26 seasons, 1963-1989.
- Was revived for a TV movie in 1996 in a cooperative venture between the BBC and FOX, but ratings were not good enough to justify a new series.
- Was finally revived as a TV series in 2005, and is still running.
- It's longevity lies in the main character: the Doctor is an alien who is capable of changing his whole body and personality when he is about to die; this means that if the actor portraying him wants to leave, they set it up so a new actor is cast to carry on in the role. Each actor reinterprets the character, but he is essentially always the same person.
- So far (officially), ten actors have played the part.
- The format is limitless: since the Doctor travels through time and space, there is nowhere he can't go.
- The Doctor always travels with one or more 'companions', people he meets on his journies. They are typically human, and the majority have been female.
- Became popular in America when PBS started running it; this is where I saw it for the first time, when I was 4 years old. I've been a devoted fan for the last 22 years.
- Currently airs in America on SciFi Channel and BBC America.

For any further info, look it up on Wiki.

And as it happens, I can also give you a decent glimpse at the show. The new special Christmas episode has aired, and always at the end there is a teaser for the next season: new times, new worlds, old alien foes and new, Agatha Christie, a trip to Pomeii on the day Vesuvius errupts... looks like it'll be one hell of a ride.

So here is the trailer for Doctor Who: Season 4

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