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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Welcome to the South
Heh, I know 40s isn't as cold as it gets other places, but for a skinny, not 100% healthy person like me, 60 qualifies as too cold =P

I'm glad everyone thinks MPD Psycho sounds interesting. Some people might read my description for it and think "Sounds grusome, why would you read that?" As I told Tsubusa, I don't want to give any false impressions whenever I suggest an anime or manga. Some people definitely wouldn't want to read something that graphic, and some of you are still living under the watchful eyes of your parents. So I keep my bases covered =P

Besides, like Molly said, I'm into the darker twisted stuff ^^

So I went out to check the mailbox a few minutes ago; nothing yet (but I hear the mail truck right now, so I'll go out there again when I'm done with this post).

But it was hard to miss the rather large Confederate flag in the yeard of the people two houses down from us. Yep, pretty big flag just stuck into the ground, and it also has "I Ain't Coming Down" printed on it.

Oi... I'm not entirely thrilled by it, and I wonder if anyone around here will care enough to make a big deal out of it. And I wonder if it was put up just to cause such trouble.

Now I'm waiting for the news vans to show up.


Well my latest CD didn't show up, but I wasn't really expecting it to anyway.

But I got a card from Red, yay! Haha, penguins... Cain-bot! XD *gives Red a big hug*

Which reminds me, I don't have addresses this year (with one exception now). I will however at least make e-cards to show my appreciation for all of you =)

Heh, next year when I learn how to budget and not blow all my money on CDs, you'll get more =P

Oh, and while I'm still trying to formulate the ideas for the first in my planned epic series of Tin Man fanfics, I'm working on a short one-off that I want to get done and posted this weekend. So look for a link to that next time.


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