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Monday, December 17, 2007

Road Hell
Since my parents had to stay after church for a meeting today, they asked me to drive my grandma down there for the service and then back home. As most of you know, getting out in the car is still something I'm struggling with because of my anxiety issues. I figured as long as grandma was there to distract me though, I should be OK (I did well the last time I had to take her someplace).

Well it was just my luck that there was a big wreck on the highway today, so we got stuck in agonizingly slow crawling traffic for a good 20 minutes at least. There were a few times I though, "Well this is it, I'm going to start panicking and there's no way out," but I did my best to beat that little voice's ass into submission. Eventually we got past the wreck and made it to church.

When it came time to drive home again, we (foolishly) believed that enough time had passed for them to clear the wreck. Alas, we had barely gotten on the highway again when things slowed down even more. I decided 'to hell with this' and pulled off at the first exit, taking a more scenic route home. I could deal with stoplights, so long as I knew we'd move eventually.

After all that and the adrenhalin I must've had in me from trying to keep a lid on my psychosis, I was drained and ended up taking a nap. If anyone asks me to drive, I'm going to refuse for the rest of the week =P I've had enough to last me after today.

Tonight is going to be cold. It's already down in the mid-40s, and the wind chill will undoubtedly make it colder, so for my friends in more northern climes, I can sympathize with you... except for snow. I'm pretty glad we don't get that here no matter how cold it gets.

I'm addicted to a new manga at the moment: MPD Psycho. It's a very dark and graphic murder mystery/scifi/psychological drama centering around a former police officer suffering from a multiple personality disorder (hence the MPD of the title: Multiple Personality Detective). The art style bears a certain similarity to Death Note at times, but cleaner and more detailed. I would reccomend it to older fans who aren't afraid to dive into something hardcore; just be sure violence, coarse language, nudity, and twisted depictions of murder and torture don't upset you too much =P

I have to say, Dark Horse is becoming my second favorite manga distributor after VIZ: Hellsing, Berserk, MPD Psycho, and now Vulgar Ghost Daydream set to come out this year. They do an excellent job with the more intense series out there.

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