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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thank the internet gods for Wiki. Their page for Tin Man states that a DVD release is currently planned for March 11, 2008. It's still going to be torture waiting for roughly 4 months, but at least it's relatively soon.

OK, everyone take a moment to SQUEE! I did =P

Red and I have been keeping up with some excellent Tin Man fanfiction lately. If you're someone who likes reading fanfics, here are a few I'd reccomend:

"Guardian" - A continuation of the story, featuring some DG/Cain romance (something we all need a little of).

"And Guest" - DG travels back to Earth to attend a friend's wedding, with Cain as her escort. Worth reading just for the 'bitch seat' joke in Chapter 2.

"Divided I Stand" - Glitch's brain is put back, but a small complication arises: Glitch and his old Ambrose personality are now sharing one body.

Plus, I have plans in the making to write my own fanfic series. Rather than focussing on the miniseries characters, I plan to expand and explore the world and history of the OZ, revolving around the idea that many crucial points in OZ history revolved around Tin Men. Yeah, I tend to think on epic scales like that. Once this gets underway, I'll post chapter links here for everyone to follow.

I've never been serious enough about my story ideas in the past, but I really want to make this one work and produce a worthy product.

In other news, in about a week my sister and her husband will be coming to visit for Christmas. I wish I could see more of them than I do (about twice a year), for one thing they're the only other ones in the family who like and watch anime. I've built up my collection quite a bit since the last time they were here, so maybe I can surprise them with something.

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