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Monday, November 19, 2007

Some people are way too serious
From the previous post:
I'm glad I could enlighten Timber and Tsubusa on the awsomeness that is Within Temptation ^^'

And now, to the point of today's post, a comment from SomeGuy's Chakku Norisu Fakutous:
I have had just about enough of this "Chick Norris" BULLSHIT!!!!!! I have heard it so many times it make me sick! Hell, just reading this gave me diabeties!! I'll see you all in Hell for this!!!

Wow... You know, I believe in everyone having the right to voice their opinion, but I also believe in restraint and common sense. This... this is just immature ranting.

Dude, pull that 12 ft. steel rebar from out of your ass, please.

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