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Friday, November 16, 2007

Talk about lucky second chances!
As everyone knows (and I have mentioned before), I am a music fiend. I probably spend way more money ordering CDs than I should.

I didn't have a lot left on my card after that bulk order of 10 CDs, but I had enough to get one or two more depending on what I picked. Well, I ended up ordering another CD over the weekend. A few days later, to my utter horror, another CD that I had been waiting months to show up, Vision Divine - The 25th Hour, finally did. VISION DIVINE IS ONE OF MY TOP 5 FAVORITE BANDS! I was faced with the possibility that I may have to wait weeks to purchase it, which would also run the high risk of stock running out before then.

Circumstances lucky beyond all chance intervened, and the CD I had ordered was out of stock, therefore my money was refunded. With my spending capability restored I was able to order Vision Divine.

Why was this worth spazzing over? =P

As I said before, Vision Divine is up near the top of my music list. They play with power, melody, speed, and their vocalist Michele Luppi has possibly the greatest high-range singing voice I have ever heard.

As always, I like finding visual examples to share with you all in order to better illustrate my point, and here is a song from VD's album Stream Of Consciousness (the new album, The 25th Hour, is it's sequel).


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