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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another Tuesday, another dollar...
Since anime, music and most everything else gets released on Tuesdays, I've come to enjoy these days. That is, unless it's a dry week with no releases.

Volume 2 of Witchblade is out today. I've been waiting for this... well, ever since the end of Volume 1. The preview on the Hell Girl DVD looked very promising. Expect a review here later...

I went a bit crazy ordering CDs this morning, but I've almost needed a trip to the rubber room with how much I've been climbing off the walls, hoping things wouldn't go out of stock before I had the chance to buy them. I still won't know if all of them clear until I get shipping confirmation.

Music (and anime) is pretty much an addiction for me. Healthier than drugs, but in the end it probably costs the same =P


And to add a bit more meat to this post: another video!

The band is Mind's Eye and the song is "Feed My Revolver" from their new album A Gentleman's Hurricane. It's a concept piece about an assassin on his last job.

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