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Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Current Anime - Key The Metal Idol
Key is a 15-episode OVA series that was originally released between 1994-97. The series is a mix of sci-fi, drama, supernatural, action, and suspense.

The Plot:
The main character, Tokiko "Key" Mima is a robot, emotionless and naive of human nature. When her grandfather (creator) dies, Key travels to Tokyo to carry out his last message: Key can become human if she makes 30,000 friends.

However, the shadowy corporation Ajo Heavy Industries is soon on her trail, intent on posessing her secrets... secrets even Key is unaware of.

Very often overlooked and not widely known, Key is one of those 'diamond in the rough' anime gems I enjoy. It has a complex and mature storyline, and the mysteries come along one after the other. If you're a fan of anime you have to really pay attention to and think while you're watching, Key fits the bill perfectly.

And to give you a bit of a taste of what the series is like, here is a Key AMV

Music: "Screaming In Digital" by Queensryche

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