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Friday, September 28, 2007

Worst month in a bad year
Not that there haven't been some good things that have come out of this year, but it seems like a lot of bad stuff has just been happening left and right this month.

1) Anime Pavilion, our local shop, going out of business. I've mentioned this before, and it's going to irritate me for a good long time, I'm sure. They were very good for getting older anime and certain manga, and now that resource will be gone forever.

2) Geneon USA folding. Right in the middle of Black Lagoon, Hellsing Ultimate, AND Higurashi Season 1! And from some of the things I've heard, the writing on the wall has been there for some time that this would happen, yet they still continued to liscence shows. And now we're stuck with the consequences as certain shows are left in indefinite limbo.

3) I don't keep up with music news as well as anime, so I just learned today that Mac (Andrew McDermott), vocalist of Threshold (one of my favorite bands), has left the group. I can't fault him for his reason of wanting to devote more time to family, but it's a very low blow to fans. Threshold was plagued with constant lineup changes in their early years, going through a couple of vocalists before Mac took over the mic in 1998. His amazing voice has served with distinction and he will be sadly missed. Now the question becomes: who will the band find to replace him? At the moment, in order to finish a few gigs already booked, one of their former vocalists has graciously stepped back in to assist.

I'm trying not to think about all these things too much, because when I do my mood goes right back down the drain.

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