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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kind of a weird day...
So, I had to go back to the lab today for more bloodwork, making sure the antibiotics and heart medications don't react to each other. After a small problem concerning my standing order not being in their folders, I had another faxed over my doctor's office and things were straightened out.

Afterward, I stopped at Anime Pavilion (our local shop), to turn in some DVDs I no longer cared about.

Weird Day Occurance #1:
Upon entering and having a quick word with Jesse (the guy who works there that I've gotten to know), I find out the shop is going out of business at the end of the month. This has me really bummed out and somewhat pissed.

Weird Day Occurance #2:
For the used DVDs, I was given two choices: $30 cash, or $50 store credit. I looked around the shop, and was on the verge of asking for the cash when I spotted the Kino's Journey box set. I've had several people tell me how much they love this series, so I decided to get it. That and a manga together covered the $50 of credit, so I was able to get them without any extra charge.

Weird Day Occurance #3
Then it was down to Best Buy to get the new titles that were released today. I was able to find Black Lagoon and Noein, but they were missing Red Garden. I guess I could've asked someone to check in the back for it, but my devious side took the opportunity and instead snatched up the Fullmetal Alchemist set.
Red Garden can wait I guess.

Weird Day Occurance #4
This is what led to this being a weird day.
My Dad and I were out getting dinner: sandwiches at MASH Hoagies. As we ordered, Dad notices a construction-paper sign taped to the counter - this Saturday will be their last day of operation before they also close down. Apparently their landlord wants to jack up their rent, and since their lease on the place is about to run out anyway, they chose to close rather than be scammed out of more money.
There is still another MASH around, but 20-25 minutes away rather than 5. Blah

So, that was my weird day. Stuck with a needle, free anime and manga, Fullmetal instead of Red Garden, and two places I love closing down forever.

I think I'll avoid Tuesdays from now on, except in times of needing to go buy new anime or music. Which means I can't really avoid them at all. Damn!

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