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Friday, August 17, 2007

Random post to fill time
So theOtaku is having issues. Thumbs and submissions aren't working. Avatars can't be changed. And a few of us are filing into the OAF cage as if it was Noah's Ark, so we can wait out a potential Otakulypse.

And why do people think it's so cool for Naruto and Pokemon to be high up on a recent poll of internet popular searches?

Naruto and Pokemon = the dregs of anime. They do not even come close to equalling what the genre is truly capable of. There are far more shows out that that exemplify what anime is all about. *points to the Favorite Anime list on the left*

And Best Buy is still dragging it's heels on both Air TV and Higurashi. What gives people!? They'be been pretty consistent with releases, and then suddenly they fall flat on their faces. I was told to check back next week, hopefully they'll have some in by then.

They better, because this is starting to wear thin on my nerves.


I've also been thinking about getting the Tekkaman Blade collections. It was dubbed back in the 90s and released here in America on TV as "Teknoman", but the new Media Blasters re-release is the original series, cleaned up and subs-only. It's kind of old school, but I did start on Voltron, so it's not all that weird to me. The thing holding me back is that it IS subs-only, and I'm a pretty solid dub fan.

And we're still waiting until the doctor has the final results on my tests, so we can begin the antibiotic treatment and knock back this bug and clear up the pneumonia. I'd like to be able to breathe better than I'm doing these days, which isn't always very well.

That is all for now.

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