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I'm an artist at heart; Whether it's puttin' something in words, drawings, or music, art's my heart's flame. I'm not the best artist YET, but I'm working.
I'm spiritual, a liberalist. Religion nor labels affect my opinion of ppl; actions and words do.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's been a while, huh?
But that's how things happen sometimes...

Gotta catch up with this Vibrant thing that's up, don't know a thing about it.

I'm going thru my old friends, I rlly missed u guys =[ trying to find ways to keep in touch, it's kinda tough, but I'm trying...

However, if anything, you guys always have my e-mails, messenger and myspace... in the off case my internet goes away again, dang, heheh.

Only love.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

   MySpace...? WHO Space...?

What's up?

I'm good, all's good, enjoying to the EXTREME finally having internet...

And not only internet:


For those of you who remember (can't blame you if you don't), I'm one of those few ppl that was struggling with dial-up up until a cpl weeks ago. Now I'm happy, messing around with everything and trying to catch up with everything I've missed.

Well, in the past cpl months since I last updated, I've moved back to PR, actually settled, my family and I are opening an ice cream shop, I won't be going to Mega-Con, and I am currently single and trying to keep from contacting my now-suicidal ex-boyfriend. o_O... Yeah, and apparently it's my fault because I let him break up with me...?

Lol, besides that, I'm doing very good. There's an activity this weekend called Galaxy Overnight where all the Chapters (National Honor Society of Puerto Rico) get together and spend the night at the ice skating arena. I've never been before (just got into the Society this year), but I've heard that it's a fun thing, and I'm looking forward to it ^_^.

Ice skating...? Yeah, right. For a girl constantly living between Florida and Puerto Rico with hardly (if any) physical balance, ice skating has never really been within my horizons. I went once and didn't fall, but that was only because I coldn't let go of the wall edge, lol. My friend, Shane, even fell on top of me, and I stopped us both from falling with my iron grip ^_^. So proud...!

Anyways, since Mom's out taking a course, I have to play Mom and go do the laundry. I don't mind: it's a good stress reliever, even when you're not stressed, haha, so I'll be seeing y'all later.

Take care!!

PS= How've y'all been?!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

"All My Life"
Hey y'all!

Today was pretty good. I got to the point that I almost strangled a guy in my class 'cuz of his attitude, but w/e, I feel better now ^_^. We're doing drama in English class, and I must admit, I'm having WAAAAY too much fun with it, lol. We had to do improv, and I played the most hysterical mother imaginable. Frankly, it was fun ^_^ I love that class and Ms.J's awesome! I love her to death, lol.

We're trying to find someone for our old anime club sponsor to cosplay as. He's tall, white with a blond ponytail. We don't want him to cut his hair, and according to Joe he isn't sexy enough to be Irvine from FFVIII (I think that's the one...), so I suggested Le Creuse from Gundam Seed or Mwu La Flaga from Gundam Seed Destiny. Do any of you have any ideas?

Much love y'all!


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