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i miss you. i wish you werent so far away.
sometimes at night i think of you being right
next to me, i wish i knew if you liked me...but of course, its only a dream.
one day we'll be together...one day.

my baby
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(This is how i feel about the boy i have a crush on at my school)
I like this song!
(i love green day!)
Saturday, June 4, 2005

My Obsessions [[lolz]]
To my friends, dont show to random people from my school
To random people, hopefully you arnt in my school.

1. Talllish boys with surfer/snowboarder bodies and longish black/brown hair which's semi-wavy.
2. anime/manga/DDR
3. Johnny depp!
4. Writing, drawing, artish stuff
5. boys like jg and yasuaki from H3
6. greenday/our lady peace/system of a down/powerman5000/korn
7. all friends
8. anything i frickin missed!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Went to get a gift for a bday party tonight. sleepover. a person i hate is gunna be there. gah. i say gah a alot... it's my frustration word... anyway
i got a johnny depp poster, and the DVD the new guy. i love that movie!o00oo00oo00oo0

8 _ = _ _ :


._. _ (^_^)

cool smileys. Go ahead and use.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

   poem xd
hand picked athority
angels are a minority
it's not like we can stop hate today.
selfless abusers
wrongfull acusers
seems different yet exactly the same.
the world wont stop turning
untill were done burning
so why try to make peace all over again.
a hero can save us
while guns make to much fuss
not everyone can be superman.
~our world might be a goner
were loosing control
if someone can save us
it would be helpfull
the world might be a goner
were loosing control
dying again and again
loosing control.


Green Day Sleepover yo! See what happens to you...;) by xxxhyprncrazyxxx
Party's at....Billie's House
Tre....Asks you-"want me to show you some...drum...moves...*cough*
Billie....Takes you in his room & takes advantage of you
Mike...says "your hott"
You...Play spin the bottle & get billie...except..you guys dont come out of the room till 2 and a half hours l8er. Your hair is messed up, your pants half-way down, your swetting like a pig. Billie is sweating, his boxers are half-way down, & hes smiling at you.
You wake up...With Billie on top of you still at "work", Tr trying to pull billie off, & Mike sitting in the corner thinking (wow...im so damn ugly...)
You leave....With tre
You end up.....Married to billie with 27 kids from all those -crazy- times.
Your Name:
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