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Monday, February 11, 2008

   Hey buddehs
Sry i havent been on. >.< thursday i had erm .... a physical fight with my mom and dad and then they kicked me out of the house TT.TT. i was scared at 1st cuz they took away my cell and i had nothing on me, not even money. i only mem 2 phone numbers. Paul (my neighbor) wasnt home so i just ran to a few other houses. i was really scared cuz it was night time -.-''. eventually i got to a house i babysitt for and they let me use their phone. i called jason and he let me sleep over. the next day (fri) after school i went home. i had to. that or my parents would file against jason for kidnapping -.-'''. so im home but stay in my room all day. i dont even get out of my room to eat or pee. im too scared. i dont even dare to ask to go anywhere. *sigh* i hope this hard time will pass. Till then i'll just pray and move on. -.- things will get better ....... wont they? well i wont be on for a while (im at school now) but tell others about this so they kno. and sry for not commenting on ur sites. and ko kitty im sry for not purchaseing ur thingy yet >.< iv been buisy like crazy. i hope u guys understand. hopfully i'll be back..... someday.
much love
the broken tiff :(

Quote: even the best fall down somtimes

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

well I have a tiny crush on a guy named Mike who totally flirts w/meh in my last class of the day, english! He's soooo hott but he has a girlfriend >.<'' so im trying not to flirt but he's so touchy flirty x3 its hard to resist *sighs* im bad -.-'
Well I stayed up 4hrs last night making cupcakes for Jon's bday!8D... *cough* yesh ALL my friends saw the cupcake and
1) attacked meh and tried to steel the cupcakes x3
2) asked who they were for...^.^''''
One i told them they all gave me the evil glare and i got quotes like " I thought you were over him?" "How annoying" "he's such a player ignore the freak" "Not him again" "....." *sighs* -.-''' hes still meh friend and besides its his bday! actually its tom but i wont see him so thats why i made them for him today! He loved them and ate all 23 and gave the rest to his friends O.O he said they were really really good! It made me soooo happy x3.... but then i walked to my next block and say Jon and Chyanne making out in ze halls TT.TT i went emo my last class but mike cheered meh up =.='''

Finishing up Volume 1. Be Mine!! It's so cute! ^.^ Im very proud of it but i might do afantasy story next^.^ idk yet but i have a really cool idea 8D but i gotta see how Be Mine gos >.< plz read when it comes out *sighs* which should be during the summer 0.o?

well thanks for reading!! 8D Have aw onderful day! ANd Listen to the song California Bound!! That song so relates to meh and Jon >.< like crazy. plzzz listen to it! its pretty 8D

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   Hey Hey Buddehs
Well my school life is going good. ^.^ I love my new classes except chemistry. and english is forth and Tiff met another cutie boy x3 his name is Mike. Dang he is cute 0//o he aske dto chill this weekend but im too busy xD

My drumming test is Monday or tuesday TT.TT 8bangs head on wall* I cant do a paradiddle at the speed required TT.TT and we have to play a mallet song and i have no friggin clue how to read mallet musiccc wahhhhhhhhhh TT.TT

OMG i found a theme song for my manga called Be Mine! The songs name is "Build Me Up Buttercup" and its a remix by this punk band. It SOOO KICKS BUTT! its perfect for my manga x3 Now meh friend has this anime animation thing where u can make ur anime characters come to life O.O! im soo gonna try it. No i will not be making an actual episode of Be Mine (to much work >.<) but i will make the beginning theme song into an animation with them! 8D using that song of course! But obviously it wont come out untill
1) I get a scanner of course ^.^'''''
2) untill a lil after the summer and/or next yr >.<
But I promise it'll be good! haha im doing the scetchs on wats gonna happen at each part of ze song x3.

Listen to that song!! And thanks for commenting ^.^
Much Love

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Monday, January 21, 2008

   Hey hey
Totally over the whole Jon Drama, thanks everyone for ur support. APpernetly he's done stuff lik ethis b4 so good thing i got rid of him ^.^
well tomm we go back to school and our 2nd semester starts! meaning new classes! woot! wonder what i'll get hm? hope i have friends in my classes >.< if not i'll make some :3

I got a new phone cuz my old Juke phone stopped working >.< its a juke again jst a diff color x3 and i got my fav song in the world set as my ring tone , Sweetest girl by wyclef *sighs* such a sad song.

woot i got up to 92 pages done for my manga!! ((and thats not including the mini's at the end) x3 im on fire! and that means i have to wrap it up and end it =.=' but hopfully everyone will comment and vote enough that it'll continue to a second book cuz i refus eto do it if no one will read it ^.^' oh and my manager quit becuz of a lil argument we had so im back to one manger. oh well ^.^' she wasnt too good of a manger anyways. she actually hated anime and stuff so it all worked out i guess ^.^''

Well im back to commenting art, manga's, ur sites, ect. sry but the whole jon thing kept me out for a while. but now im on a commenting rampage x3. hope u guys have a good day!

1. how do you feel if i say my bannana is bigger then urs? 0.o
2. If You could meet/fall in love/become budds with any anime character... who would it be?
3. I was caught eating pancakes in your pants!! :O

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finals, Im studying like crazy >.< wish me luck! I have one tommarwo which ends like at 11:30 then i can leave school and chill w/my peeps x3 Tomm I have two which will end like after 12:30ish 0.o? idk but i promised Nicole and Nick id chill w/them so that'll be fun i guess.

*sighs* yes jon update. thankyou for those who commented and showed that they cared x3 but yes, this boy will be the death of meh -.-' its so much stress. I'm done w/him, but yes it turned out he spread the rumor which still is attacking me today but this is the rumor. they said "She gave him head and now wants him to come to her house last weekend. he said no but she got on her knees and begged him too. but Jon said no and that he had a gf that he loved so much and would never considered doing anything with anyone besideds his beloved." THAT IS BULL SHIT!!! IM GONNA SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD
1) I have to much pride to beg anyone for ANYTHING
3) I told him no and he begged me so blah!

Im so pissed, and hurt at the same time. I swear i mean it this time when i say im done. Im not holding my friends back, they can do what they want with him. Most of them said they were gonna spread nasty rumors... idk im not for it but at the same time im not against it. w/e. i say he should just go to hell. *sighs* but i am holding back all my guy friends who litterally want to send him to hell and beat the shit out of him. idk how long i can hold them back but Jon is in SERIOUS danger if they get ahold of him >.< they sent one boy to the ER O.O and of course they were sent to jail.... i love them all but i wont let them hurt jon... idk but they WONT lay a finger on him. i made that clear to them. they all agreed but idk... it didnt seem like they listened *sighs* oh boy
well wish me luck again on the final TT.TT

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

   OMG somthing horriable happend!!
Ok back to Jon talk >.< i kno u guys can shoot me. But recently he has been ignoring me and it was making me mad. Then out of the blue on friday he starts talking to me and joking around like he use to before he dated chyanne and all this dumb drama. I liked that things were back to the way they were but it just wasnt right that he was one day ignoring me then the next day hes like my best friend. Its not cool. and also he couldnt just ignore our closet thing *cough* it happend. So at the end of class I whispered in his ear "Come to my house this weekend, we need to talk" and he pauses and looks at me with a smei smile and goes 'i-idk..." so im like ok and walk away cuz my boi's were callin me.
Later at the end of the day one of my guy friends looks at me and goes "You know theres a rumor going around about you..." and im like "WHAT?!" and hes like "yea i heard a few diff people talk about you saying that you gave Jon a blow job in school and asked him to come over to your house this weekend and have sex." I lost it!!! i was so mad, hurt and upset... who could start somthing like that? i like totalyy bawled my eyes out yesterday :/... it hurts and my one friend nicole has this theroy (she hates Jon >.< like all my other friends)
1) Jon told his lil brother mike that Bull shit and mike told Brynn whos such a back stabber bitch who spreds rumors D:
2) Court (chyanne's bff) told the world after missinterpureting (doubtful)
3) John (Jon's bff) told the world cuz he always thinks jon and i have sex which is total BS!!!!

UGH im so mad... im so sad... how could Jon do this to me? and why am I targeted out of the two of us?! Jon's the one who pushed me in the closet and begged me to give him head (WHich i didnt!!!)
TT.TT i need a hug *sniffles*
He was supposed to be my uprise.... not my downfall...

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Monday, January 7, 2008

xD a guy on gaia ((whis been my gaia bf for like ever)) asked me to marry him O////O *is in shock*
idk wat to say xD im trying to get him on theo so u guys can meet him!

O sooo umm tiffs hooke don Jon again >.<'' i'll explain another day -.-' *bangs head* well have a good day! just wante dto tell u guys about that news 0.o'
**note this is at Gaiaonline.com , its not real real its only our gaia charcters that will ((well if I say yes)) get married

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

   hey everyone
ehhh i had to go to ze doctor today randomly during school. See for some reason i started breathing heavily yesterday and we dont know why and i had a small fever. So they pulled me out at like 10:30 then I went to the doctors and.... and... They drew blood from mehhh TT.TT. See Im a big baby when it comes needles and I never had blood drawn before soo it was scary. when they told me I was like totally freaking and in a coner. I was about to cry and couldnt stop shaking, but after it was done i just sat in the seat to chill before going back. Its ok tho cuz when i got back to school everyone was attacking me with hugs x3

But that god damn Jon avoided me like the black plege! The first time i see him since the ...erm incadient and he ignores me?! nah-huh.. U kno wat i Say? If he comes back to me im going say "To the Left" cuz im not dealing with it anymore. Besides theirs another cutie on my list named Bobby who is SEXY! x3 and he actually cares!XP so go screw urself Jon!

Thanks for all the comments!! *huggs u all* And dont forget , ur pants can be ur best friend! 8D
Much love

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Monday, December 31, 2007

   Happy New Year GUYS!!
hey just wanted to say that cuz i wont be on later! Im going to a party and stayin overnight x3
*gets the fire crackers* wooot!!! 0.o'' I hope it isnt as crazy as last yr
see... last year
we went streaking xD and our friends locked us outside in the snow. they thought it was funny cuz we were banging on the door screaming "let us in!" but it wasnt cuz we were screaming that cuz i copp was driving down the street! (aka its illegal to streak) but we were let in b4 the cop came *sighs in relif* lol

Im up too 70 pages in my manga called Be MinE!! *dances* and thats not including the mini short extras in the back of the book 8D im going crazy here! I wont be able to post them up till i buy a scanner -.-'''' oh welll i'll try to do that early today

Well I lovers you all!
Much Love

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

   Merry Christmas
and for those who dont celebrate christmas, happy holidays and/or happy late hanika (sp?) my weekend is going nicely!
I got the movie hairspray, did not geta scanner sadly TT.TT but i'll just buy one myself. i got the phone called Juke,a hollistor sweat shirt iv been like wanting for like EVER. I also got uggs :3 and alot of hello kitty stuff X3!

So what did you guys get? tell me everythinggggg x3!!

Oh and thankies for u guys advice/support/opinions on last posts..erm... issue. xD if u have anything eles that might help or somthin im happy to listen x3. Take care
Much love

My new quote i will be saying 24/7 now:
Underneith ur cloths your... naked!! Le-gasp! x3

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