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Moments (nyu)! The intro song to the chinese video game! (nyu nyu~) ^ ^
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Monday, August 28, 2006

(nyu)......rain~ rain is good (nyu)! when its just rain (nyu)! Ohmigoodness (nyu)! Theres an anime club at school *GASP!!!!* im all happy (nyu)!!! i want to join it! it will be so much fun (nyu)!!
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Monday, July 3, 2006

Im all better now nyu! sorry about not being on nyu! thanks to the two people that commented my sad post nyu!! i went to a shooting range nyu it was fun nyu!!!! i shot one of the four guns and went flying backwards like WHEEE nyu!!! nyu nyu nyu!!! my sister is obsessing over Hei-chanxEdo-sama yaoi now nyu.......she says she still likes Elricest nyu but she thinks that hei-chan and edo-sama make the cutest couple nyu....*shrugs* roy and edo are cuter in my opinion nyu nyu.....MY BIRTHDAY IS COMMING UP!! YAY NYU!!! im all excited....but im sad because my mom wont let me have a bag with the words "I LOVE YAOI" on it nyu.....she thinks that if me and my onee-chan like it then we will get curious and start becoming lesbian or something nyu.....our dad doesnt know nyu....i try to hide all my yaoiness from him nyu because im afraid of what he might do nyu......if you ever met him and knew what things he could do you'd be scared nyu......really scared nyu......is evanessance comming out with new cds nyu??? thats what im hearing but i dunno if its try or not nyu.....i wanna know nyu...because they are pretty good nyu....ummmm nyu i cant think of anything else to say nyu.....errrrr.......may the all mighty force of the chibi ramen knee socks clan guide you in the way of otakuness nyu......and you must bow at the mercy of yaoi nyu!!!! mwa haha!! royxedo forever!!!!!
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I feel very unliked (nyu)..... T^T i dunno why but i do (nyu) its a sad sad feeling (nyu) ......bye bye (nyu)
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Sunday, June 11, 2006

(nyu nyu nyu)Who likes pie (nyu)? I do! Yay for the lovely pie (nyu)! mwa haha ok enough about that (nyu) i want to make a club (nyu) but i dont know how (nyu).....does anyone know how to make one (nyu)? i know SOMEONE does (nyu) >.>
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Sunday, June 4, 2006

   X3 glasses make her crazy~
my sister looks like a dork in her glasses (nyu) shhh dont tell her i said that (nyu) >.> shes all like @.@ blah blah blah!!! (nyu) hehe its funny (nyu) she keeps talking all smart now too (nyu) i want to kick for it (nyu) its annoying (nyu) maybe im jealous....(nyu)? i dunno (nyu) maybe.... (nyu nyu~)
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O.O AYA (nyu)!!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT I HAD AN OTAKU (nyu)!!! IM SO SORRY (nyu)!!!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME (nyu)!!!! ILL TRY TO BE BETTER (nyu) Even though i might forget again (nyu).....wow its the fourth already(nyu)? wowness (nyu).....sorry you guys (nyu)..... you guys is so cool (nyu)!! ^ ^ i hope you dont hate me (nyu)!!
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