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Thursday, February 28, 2008

   WARNING: This post may contain spoilers 4 Death Note
I heard that my good friend, L, is dead...Did u c wut i wrote?? DEAD!!! But do not b terribly vexed at this mere attempt 2 side track us from REAL FACT. Ryuzaki, has always been ahead of the game, and would never go down as easily as that. Light thinks he has everything in proper order, but the clocks must be ticking loosely in his head...as there is a way 2 get uphill there is a way 2 com downhill. Nothing is ever that perfect. L dying the way that he did, is like tellin u that he died tripping over a rock. So 2 cut a long story short, L IS DA MAN!!!! and he had a plan of his own...(wink...take the hint that i dont tink hes dead...) and he saw ahead of the bs, and took his opportunity 2 get out of Lights surveillance, and the quarreling minds of x-police officers that only abide by the law.
C he knew, that this is wut he had 2 do, in order 2 hav his ways...He has 2 break the rules 2 learn the rules. U no wut i mean...use da death note...test it. He knows that 1 life is wut it wil hav 2 take 2 save maybe millions. Hes worked alone b4 and he knows he should work alone again. I REPEAT THAT L IS 2 SMART 2 B DEFEATED! and we havent heard the last of RYUZAKI...
I had 2 catch my breath bc i was runnin my mouth 2 much...phew! Its jus bc i care..I am deeply offended that this happened (tear) Seems like only yesterday that i was complimenting his super kawaii hair..and now ..hes gone.
I totally was talkin my niece, xX9tailed:NekoXx, ear off about the same thing..yeah? well 1000 years of BAD JUJU 2 n e 1 who is bored with wut im sayin!! Take it in stride guys...u know that im right.

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