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Btw my avatar is the kanji for the martial art style Shotokan, and the background kanji, for those of you who watch Naruto you might recognize it as the thing on Crows chin, buts its actually the kanji for karasu which is crow in japanese
Yes my name is a castlevania referance (sorta) for those of you who've ever played Castlevania: Syphony of the Night.

I like my animes actiony and full of story line. And i love my game collection. I love spending time with my friends and chatting on YIM.
I got a few fan-art pics up, so check em out and lemme know what u think! Thanks! =^^=

My animes and mangas of choice: FMA, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam MS 08 team, Armitage III, Vampire Hunter D (Amano works), Jing: King of Bandits, Rorouni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo, Yuyu Hakusho, Naruto, Inu Yasha, Final Fantasy Unlimited. Currently though i'm big into Naruto, fave characters are Kankuro and Rock Lee. Lee cuz i look like him and Kankuro cuz hes a puppetmaster, just like my final fantasy XI character. Also some of my other faveorite anime characters of all time are Kenshin, Jing, Mugen, Alphonse Elric, Tenchi, and Kankuro of course.

Videogames: All time favorite series is Megaman (original), followed in close second by Castlevania. I'm a huge Final Fantasy buff. I play FF:XI (Shiva server, Elvaan PUP32/MNK16, names Vatary (of the Avatars of Vishnu) drop me a /tell if u play!)

Also if u happen to play anything online with the DS over WFC, lemme know and we can exchange friendcodes! I play: Matroid Prime Hunters, Tetris DS, Mario vs. DK 2, Castlevania: PoR, Final Fantasy III, BombermanLand Touch, and Animal Crossing: Wild World! All fc's exchangable on request!

And FairyHR! The love of my life! I dont think i've ever been so attached to and in love with any one ever b4 in my life, i really love this girl! I rly think she might be the one!! ^^ We spend so much time together, we have so much in common, and its not like we have so much in common that its weird! Its so amazing, shes amazing! And Jamie, i know your probably reading this and thinking, "Awww, hes such a sweetheart!" Just wait, I've only begin to truly show my love for you!
Jamie, your my one and only, my addiction! Always and Forever, I'm yours!

OMG if u like FMA (i do ^^) watch this! Its so funny!! >o<

By far one of my favorite AMVs! If u like Dane Cook and Naruto this is hilarious!

Get Your Own Chat Box! Go Large!

Kankuro Rules!!

Puppetmasters in general rule!!

This me and the love of my life around christmas of '06, I love this pic! (she doesn't ^^)

don't click this link...

Visit DaneCook.com

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

   She left for the Army yesterday...

Jamie left for the Army yesterday...
She gets a break every 6 months and for christmas. So i'll see her in december next. We'll be able to exchange letters and stuff but it'll be about a week before i here from her.
I think out of everyone that was there, i was the only one balling my eyes out :\ She was pretty calm too
She left the recruiting station in bloom a little after noon for harrisburg for MEPS (military enrollment personell station) there she stays over night and fills out alot of paperwork and stuff. After that she heads to philly for her plane for Fort Jackson south carolina which leaves really early thursday morning.

Also if anyone would like me to send her a message i can include them in my own letters. i plan to make a sheet of messages from differant ppl we know from theotaku and myspace, her friends and stuff. So the offers open, just PM me

She also apoligizes to everyone she didnt get to talk to b4 she left, her leaving this soon was sort of a surprise cuz she changed her job at the last minute from military police which would've sent her to Iraq to human resources which is a safe and very good field cuz u can branch off from that to almost anything, its somewhat of a desk job however. This was supposed to hold her over for another 2 weeks, which still might. I'm expecting a phone call from either her mom or her recruiter around 5 oclock tonight

Her first break is either going to be christmas or she might be able to come back for a few weeks before then. I will try and keep everyone posted on how everything works out

She also left a final comment on our joint Otaku account: Blue Love. its extremely sweet if anyone would like to read it ^^ It made me cry too. Blue Love is in my friends so check it out if u want. the background is rorouni kenshin so you'll know it when u see it

Now i just need to find something to keep myself busy and sane for the next few months... >.<

See u around everyone

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Monday, June 18, 2007

   Hitomebore Love Happiness

Hey everyone! Summer so far has been great and i'm back to update on a mushy subject once again! ^^
Jamie and i have been doing amazing lately (sorta) we've had our ups and downs but we're still doing better than ever!
This girl is so amazing and i love her to death! Shes made laugh, shes made me cry, and everything in between! But through it all we're still together, and that says alot!
Just everything about her just fits so well. We're like 2 pieces to the same puzzle. (as odd as that sounds) and i say again, I truly think shes the one ^^
She once wrote a single phrase in japanese on my art portfolio long ago, Hitomebore. She later divulged to me the meaning of this phrase:
"Love at first sight"
I believe it was love at second, third, and forth too...
And actually i'm still counting!
All in all, shes amazing and thats the only earthly word i can use to describe her.

And babe if ur reading this that should sound familiar -^.^-
Jamie, my love. The best way i can describe my feelings right now is just love! Pure and unrestrained Love!!

See u all around everyone!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

   Hello everyone

Hey its me, just giving a little update as i haven't been talking alot on here lately. Jamie (FairyHr) and i have been going really good lately! This girl makes me so happy. You've probably already heard me say this before but one day i'm going to marry this girl. I love her so much! And its almost the end of the school year, i can't wait till school is out and then i can be on here more often, and i'll get to see Jamie alot more, and i'll have no shcool cuz its summer!! ^^ woohoo

So yeah, i'll see you guys next time!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yay, I'm half way there ^^

Well everyone been a while since i've updated but i haven't forgot about you guys!
I just got my 5th Kyu (1st degree purple) belt in Shotokan!! Yay i'm happy! And if ur totally unfamiliar with how the ranks go here it is:
White>Yellow>Orange>Green>Low Purple>High Purple>1st-3rd Degree Brown>Black>Sempai Black 2nd-8th
And if u really want to get up into 3rd-4th degree black you'd have to talk Master Okuzaki and ISKF (International Shotokan Karate Foundation)
I was also wondering if anyone else did any martial arts? If so what rank and style?
See you around guys!

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

   Love is a very complex thing...

Hello everyone, This is my first post!
Going through some interesting life situations, and i felt like asking for some advice.
You see, my gf and i started dating at the beginning of December. We've been going steady until about a week ago when she started to act differant around me. Yesterday i found out she had been starting to talk to an old ex-boyfriend of hers... And not rly just talk... I still really love her to death and i can't really stay mad at her, but she did mess up... She herself feels rly bad about the whole thing and shes also going off into the military in July which rly sucks. I wish there was something i could say to make her feel better even though shes the one who messed up, cuz she does feel horrible, like to the point where shes ready to just lock herself in her house and stay there till July cuz she thinks that not only i hate her, but everyone else does too, which isn't the case at all cuz dont and i never will, i just wish she would see that. So what i need is something that i could say to her that would show her that i dont hate her...
-sigh- Any advice from anyone with some love experiance (or if your female) would be greatly appreciated!

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