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Hi everyone!^ ^ welcome to the site of Thingamajiggy!>.< sign my gb, even if you dont want to be my friend! its the thought that counts you know. well if you decide to, ill promise ill return the favor! bye bye!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yikes, technical difficulties with this site.O_O
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm really sorry for not being on in forever...First, i was kicked out of my house. This lady that wanted my mom's babysitting job, lied and said she saw me yanking around and hitting this girl in front of her, but that was wrong. Then the parent's of that girl (we were living with them, my mom was the nanny.) kicked us out and we were forced on the streets...well "so to say", we went to my mom's boyfriends house. They didn't have a computer with internet, and our computer was in the shop for God knows how long. Then, when we actually GOT the computer, we started seeping off of other peope's internet, but it sucked, and it kept on messing up. I think its the same this time, but its not messing up at all!O.O i feel special...^_^ Well, i'm giving up on the theme's thing. but i might keep it on Always_Forgotten. im not entirely sure. but the theme's thing is too hard for me to do. and i think its congusing my readers! sorry to those that it did! cause you might have missed the last theme. it was Marluxia. for those that wanted to know. Well, ill be on a lot more now so ill see you around.^ ^ bye!
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