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"By the moon, we sport and play, with the night begins our day."

welcome to my otaku first read this Ninja!

ok now back to me im a college student who loves anime and likes dark back grounds hey call me dothlic or wat not but i know i love anime and renaissance stuff all gothlic things too so bite me . well you can call me zuki / sorry i dont like to give out my real name/

alittle about me ive been on here for along time manily because it kept me in contact with my friends but it has helped me to devoope more friends. im vey down to earth i enjoy hnging with my friends when im not busy with school or work.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

   long time no see

sorry its been along time but school and work have me juggling everything at once but its sarting to slow down i hope every one is doing ok .......... sorry guys noy much to post about i try to get some juice on something
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