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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

   OMG I got a Black DS lite
My mom got me a Black DS lite yesterday as a present because I was being good,I am so Happy!!!! Yay Lunar wolf demon can play with me once I see her again! and I can't wait to get Pokemon Pearl for it too! My boyfriend is getting Diamond for his black DS and I so want to beat him. well When I get the game I want these Pokemon:

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

   Hello people!
It's been a whille sense I was on here >.< sorry ^^; well everyhting is fine with me today, and my friend Lunar wolf demon is 15 now!!!! lol she wished she could stay at 13 but to late lmao!!! my b-day is in september so I have about cople months to go =] well I can't go to Otakon 2007 because of the flight ticket and all, it sucks but I made a good choice, because if I went then I could'nt get anything there like some anime thingy or something =~= oh well. I will be submiting more Okami fanart soon probley this week, I drew my favorite Oki and Ammy again. okay well hope your day went well take care!


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