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Hey Guys, sup? My name is Kitten, I'm 16, immature, crazy, a sk8r/gothic/emo mix, and bi. I REALLY want to make this an awsome site ^^ so plz if u have n-e tips 4 me, or have some advice(good or bad) it is welcomed ^^. Feel free to Private Message me, or e-mail me @ kitten_of_angels@yahoo.com
Well I hope u enjoy the site, oh and by the way I LOVE 2 take online quizzes so if u know of a good one or have made a good one let me kno, cuz beleive me
I WANT 2 TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Kitten :P
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Monday, August 13, 2007

   I'm Back!!
Hey guys, sry it took so long 2 fix my com, it seems my brother likes sum really dirty stuff, lol. Well now that I'm back I'm kinda at a loss at what 2 do, lol, its just been so long I guess, lol. Well I'll let u guys go, I'll try and go onto ur sites l8r 2day or 2morrow, k? BTW anyone and every1 who reads this plzz PM and let me kno my site is still getting looked @ or I might delete it, sry but im on this 4 friends and 2 talk so if no 1 cares n-e more let me kno, lol.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

hey gusy I've got super bad news....My computer hasa virus so I wont b able 2 get on for a lil bit, I'm on it right now, and its going so slow it took like 10 min.s to get it to open myotaku, so I wont b on for a while, my older bro is going to fix it, but idk when I'll get it back....Peace

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

   i'M BaCk!!
Hey guys, Saturday was awsome!! The pool party went great, I was really nervous but all my buds could tell and they were really nice 2 me about it, their really great friends. Sry I didn't comment on ur site, I just got 2day after school, my older sis Mary wanted 2 hang out, so I've been over there w/her, I didn't mind shes my fav. sibling, I look up 2 her alot, just don't tell her that, lol. I'm going 2 comment on every1's site 2 morrow and hopefully I can PM most of u! We made homemade playdough in art class 2day and I have the recipe, if any of u want it let me kno and I'll post it on here 2 morrow!! Well I hope u guys had a great weekend!

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