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Hey, This Is Lisa.
AKA TheLastNote.
I Haven't Been On Here For DAYSSSS But I Hope To Get On Alot More.
Uhhh I Love Anime.
Well Go Ahead And Message Me Or Something.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

   Hey Guys.
So I'm Tryin To Get Back INto This Whole Thing
So Go Ahead And Message Me.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

   HAPPYNESS!!!!(again) lmao
HI! I'm all happy....I got Kare Kano volume 2 and DNAngel volume 2 and Kingdom Hearts(thw manga).lolz....I gotta new cell phone too.....yea.....I'm not gonna be here tomorrow...and won't be back till friday..k?ok.YAY!


"Everyone at school thinks I'm a freakin idiot because of u!"

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

HAPPY EASTER!!! And if u don't celebrate Easter then....uhhh......HAPPY SUNDAY!!! WAHOO!!!!! I didn't have any candy....::innocent face::

sry...I feel bad for lying....I had hecka chocolate...XD

HECK YESSS!!!!!!!!!!


Triangles r better then circles!They actually have sides!!! >.<


FAKE OR NOT!!!It's fun to watch....I like his mask..... >.<


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WAHOO!!! Today I was supposed to go to the movies....but then I was all like "No...I better not,cuz then I'll miss Naruto....." so I didn't go,and I watched Naruto and FINALLY head Itachi's american voice.....I was all happy.....then I was flippin through the program guide thingy and I saw "Samurai 7" and I was all "isn't that an anime?" so I flipped to that channel and I saw like......2 minites of it...it looked pretty cool....it's supposed to come back on in about an hour...I'll watch it then....then I watched re-runs of InuYasha and FMA,and then..EUREKA 7!!! It was awesome........yea......lolz......Samuria 7...Eireka 7......I probably have the wrong numbers or somethin...please forgive me...XD

FINALLY SPRING BREAK!!! happy Easter evry one!!! I'm goin to Mt.Shasta an Tuesday.....Elisa might come too...did I mention she got her braces taken off???Lolz...I'm like...announcing it to evry one...she's like "SHUT UP!!" and I just laugh...yea...well....ttyl!

"One time......"
-I dunno

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