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Monday, October 23, 2006

   Autumn & Winter

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So here's the new layout for the colder months! I love wolves so thats the image for this winter. (You probably know that if you take my quizilla quiz :P) Aren't they cute? ^-^

It's already snowed twice here, unfortunately it never lasts. It's snowing one day and back up in the sixties the next!

Heh anyway, I hope to get some Halloween art done before the big day. ^0^ Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do?

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Saturday, October 21, 2006


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Bleh I have to wak up at 6 tomorrow (sat!!!) to take the PSAT. It's really kind of dumb that they have tests that are "practice" but still matter. Oh well its not that bad I suppose, I just hate waking up early :P

So how has everyone's school been going? Are any of you taking the PSAT? Or perhaps you took the prePSAT (the pre-pre-SAT? XP)? I wish everyone the best of luck on their standerdized testing!

. . . eep I almost started ranting about standerdized tests. That would be boring :P I try no to be too political but there's one thing I feel really strongly about. I want gay marrige legalized! ^0^

What are your feelings on same sex marrige?

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