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I probably won't be on here any mroe the only reason I'll keep my site up only to reminisce all the good times I had on here, But yeah.

Well I'm still writing my novel, I don't give up that easily ;) it's called: The Heroes of Light in: The Shadow of CEF. Adn that is the set title... give or take the heroes of light part. It's not that little kid stuff where people would magically "vanish" once they died. The body and all stays....

Now, I don't want to just talk about my story. Well I like to write, swim, snowboard, hang, drive (It's practically a necessity.)

Well that's basically it. I'm lame... Yep... so long.

Sunday, June 28, 2009



Quite odd being on here, at the part in my re-write of my novel where the group reaches the Dragon forest, just came here to look for the names of the three dragons they meet that end up getting captured, which inturn led me to posting I honestly have no idea why.
Well yeah, this will be hard to find, so many stupid posts of mine.... It's kind of embarrassing to see how immature I was... :P still can be immature but that's just for comedy efforts... anyway... yeah... so long-o.

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