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Friday, June 20, 2008

   its a little bit better
this site is a bit better. so ill be coming back here from time to time. i may not be uploading very much since u can only upload 1 pic for every 24 hours. u can always vist me at my d-art page. i even have a new manga on that page. ja ne
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Friday, March 7, 2008

i dont really now if u can read this or see this, but the new site has got me confused. how can i see my or any other site on vv. and i cant get u guys on the new site. look to see if u made any new posts. it sooooo confusing! im thinking maybe ill leave.....but u can still say hi to me at daART, or deviantART by looking up thedarknesswolf. i made a few pics that have that tag. so goodbye to u all. im out.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

[] Do you have ginger hair?
[] Do you have at least one piercing?
[] Do you change what you look like every so often?
[x] Do you enjoy making people suffer?
[x] Do you have at least two pets?(theres my 2 cats, 2 turtles, 2 sugar gliders, and a dog)

[ ] Do you / have you ever had blue hair?(I wish)
[x] Do you enjoy origami?(I do do it. I like makin origami dragons!)
[ ] Do you think of yourself as an angel?
[ ] Do you wear decorations in your hair?
[ ] Do you wear coloured eyeshadow?

[ ] Do you like puppets?
[ ] Do you look younger than you are?(try the other way around)
[ ] Do you / have you ever had red hair?
[ ] Do you hide behind a tough exterior?
[x] Is your heart the weakest part of you?(I love animals, I cant hurt a cute puppy or kitten)

[ ] Do you like birds?
[x] Do you like sculpting?(I do!)
[x] Do you think you're very good at art?(I think my photoshop pictures come out great)
[x] Do people often say different?(people think im strange)
[x] Do you have a ridiculously long fringe?

[ ] Do you like fish?(hate fish and any other thing that comes from the ocean)
[ ] Do you have an odd shade of skin?
[x] Is there something wrong with your teeth?
[ ] Your eyebrows are hard to see / aren't there.
[x] You like to do things the fast and easy way.(though must of the time it hard and takes time)

[ ] Are you schizophrenic?
[x] Do you have mood swings?
[ ] Do you like plants?(but u cant live w/o them)
[ ] -- Venus flytraps?
[x] You have an eye problem.(if u consider twitching in my right eye which I cant make stop a problem then yes)

[ ] Are you a good boy?(girl?)
[x] Ever had an extremely violent mood swing?
[ ] Do you like Lolipops?(no, they gave me scathes on my tong)
[ ] Ever been in a crushing situation?
[ ] Ever been so obsessed with this one person?

[x] Do you like to torture?
[ ] Do you have homicidal siblings?
[ ] Ever wanted to kill your whole family?
[x] Do you come across as moody and evil?
[x] Do you spend to much time alone?

[x] Are you religious?
[ ] Do you wear necklaces?
[x] Have you ever self harmed?(many times)
[ ] You whine alot.
[ ] You have funny colored eyes.

[x] Do you have a money fetish?
[ ] Do you like sewing?(do I know how to do it yes, do I like it no)
[ ] Do you like to cover your hair or mouth?
[x] You're greedy?
[ ] You're a secret ballerina!(what?!)

Deidara won!

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