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Monday, December 19, 2005

Hi :)

Hey guys what's up? yeah so i'm having this little problem with MyO, i tried to geton this weekend, and it was sooo slow, it took like 5 mins to open up pages, and then when the comment thing opend it wouldn't send!! so i ad to send my comment like 5 times before it took it!!!!
By the way finals are this week! so i can't really come a lot cause my mom is mad i haven't started studying yet, and i told her i don;t plan on it!!!so she's like i can't use the internet this week so i'll have nothing to do but study!!!
Oh and i also FINALY got phone cards!!!! so i can call back home for xmas!!! i'm soo happy!!!
well i have like 10 mins before class so i'll get to as many sites as i can :D
take care, and have an awesome week if i don't see you!!!

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